Michael Sedrak, MD

Pioneer of the Revolutionary ReShape Procedure

CarmeliaCarmeliaLost 35 pounds*ReShape gave Carmelia the tools and support she needed to lose weight and keep it off. Carmelia is so satisfied, she gives it a “100% recommendation.”

The ReShape Procedure is a new, FDA approved, non-surgical approach to weight loss that is proven to help people achieve and maintain significant weight loss. It is completely different from any diet, program, or procedure you may have tried or considered before. The ReShape Procedure was specifically designed for patients with a lower BMI (between 30–40). ReShape may be a good weight loss option for people who do not qualify or do not want surgery.

Dual Balloon

New dual balloon technology

The innovative design uses two connected balloons to take up room in your stomach. When the balloons are in place, you’ll feel less hungry, so it’s easier to eat the healthy foods you enjoy in reasonable portions.

Comprehensive Coaching

One year of comprehensive coaching

With guidance from experts to keep you motivated and accountable, and a full set of online tools and resources, you have one year of support to create permanent lifestyle changes.

Scale Icon

Proven weight loss without surgery

In a recent study, patients lost more than two times more weight with ReShape than with diet and exercise alone. And most patients keep the weight off or continue to lose, even after the balloons are removed.

PatrickPatrickLost 65 pounds*When Patrick tried dieting, the weight always came right back. With ReShape®, he learned healthy new habits, and now he’s in the best shape of his life.

Dual-Balloon Technology

Only the ReShape Procedure places two connected, medical-grade and saline-filled balloons inside your stomach for six months. The ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon is designed to take up room in your stomach, which creates a feeling of fullness and may help you feel satisfied with less food. The dual balloon is designed to conform to the curvature of the stomach for comfort, and also includes an anti-migration feature, so if one balloon deflates, the second balloon prevents the device from passing into the intestines for increased safety.

MichelleMichelleLost 32 pounds*When Michelle lost weight with ReShape, she gained happiness, self-esteem, a fun wardrobe, and so much more.

One Year of Comprehensive Coaching and Support

ReShape combines the portion-controlling benefits of the balloons with comprehensive coaching to change your eating habits, enhance your physical fitness, and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term success. While the balloons are inside your stomach, you will meet (monthly) with coaches and receive personalized nutrition, fitness, and behavior guidance to help maximize your success. After the balloons are removed, you will continue to meet with your coaching team to make sure that you maintain your healthy lifestyle to reach your goals. With ongoing coaching support, most patients maintain their weight loss or continue to lose weight.


Meet Michael Sedrak, MD

Dr. Sedrak has extensive experience in the application of advanced minimally invasive and robotic surgical techniques in both the clinical and research arenas. He also specializes in bariatric and esophageal surgery, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), cancer and endoscopy, as well as applying minimally invasive techniques to all areas of general surgery.


Dr. Sedrak has served on the faculty of UC San Diego and University of Southern California. Dr. Sedrak completed his laparoscopic surgery fellowship at UC San Diego School of Medicine and residency at New York University School of Medicine. He completed his medical education at the University of South Alabama, College of Medicine. His research experience has focused on the areas of regenerative bioengineering and repair, and microvascular and vascular tissue engineering and has been active in research at the UC San Diego Surgical Research Lab and the Center for the Future of Surgery.

When not at work, Dr. Sedrak enjoys golfing, sailing, hiking, and playing with his children.